About Social Connect

Social Connect is a dynamic company offering a One-Stop-Shop. We provide a variety of online, design and printing services that we tailor-make to suit each individual client’s business needs.

We have over 12 years experience in IT B2B Marketing and B2C Marketing.

Our aim is to deliver the best solution that will make your business more accessible on the internet.

Social Connect is an online marketing company offering a turn-key service generating leads for your business in the online space.

Everything that Social Connect does: web design and development,  email branding, email marketing, online marketing and graphic design is all done to maximise our clients return on investment and grow their market share.

At Social Connect we know what it takes to open a new business and how important it is to turn it into a success. We understand the importance of your website, the design, your online presence and your identity. We know that your website is your most important marketing tool and that a great, well-advertised website makes all the difference.

At Social Connect we believe that each client is unique. Therefore our customised packages are designed and developed to help you plan, create, maintain, market and grow your company’s online presence.

We understand that you need a well-designed website that looks good, navigates easily and portrays your products and services. Our customised WordPress website design will represent your corporate identity and brand, whilst delivering on your online objectives which are turning visitors into leads and customers or brand building.

As your business grows, so will your online requirements. Social Connect is able to expand your website at any stage. Choose from any of our additional features making sure that your business is always evolving and moving at the pace at which it is growing.

Connect with Us for all of your website and online marketing requirements.