Email Branding

Professional branded emails & email signatures that display perfectly on all devices.
Turn every email into a marketing opportunity!

Are you only using your emails to communicate?

What if those same every days emails could also be a powerful

tool for your business?

Did you Know?

  • 85% of all business correspondence occurs via email

  • 13 200 emails on average are sent by a user per year

  • 500 hours are spent by staff sending and receiving emails per year

  • Everyday email has a 99% average open and delivery rate, the highest of any media channel!

Is this Like email marketing?

Not really…

With Email Branding, there’s no need to send out additional email marketing.

Email Branding is automatically attached to ALL your normal, everyday emails.

Each & every email sent by all your employees!

Knowing this, wouldn’t you prefer to use your most powerful tool for more than just communications?

What do branded emails look like?

Use the scroller to view before and after email branding is applied to emails

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Email Branding Features

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Social Connect - Email Branding - Multi Screen - Promotion - Travel

Email Branding Examples

There are many ways to boost the power of your emails, here are some examples of how branding can be used

Email Branding FAQs

Here are some important facts about Email Branding

No. You continue to use your existing email client.

Email Branding only impacts the email after it is sent out, therefore it is seamless to the email sender.

No, branded Email Signatures are compatible with all ISPs.

All that will change is that you will not send emails via your ISP anymore, but through the our supplier's server.

Our suppliers have careful and considered controls in place to make sure that all client data is kept separate and secure.

Our supplier provides email services to its clients utilizing a multi-tenancy architected solution, hosted at an ISP, using a tier 1 datacentre.

Although an enhanced email is, by definition, a solicited email and therefore clearly not spam, the reality is that all emails needs to pass through spam filters.

To ensure that your email are classified as spam free, Email Signature software and platforms are subjected to rigorous tests on an on-going basis so that our clients can enjoy all the benefits of our product without the need to worry about the delivery of their emails.

No, and that is a big no!

The service is an everyday email marketing solution and not a newsletter / promotional mailer solution.

Our supplier has certain controls in place which ensures that distribution emails to multiple recipients are not sent from their platform.

Everyday email does not cater for the functionality that is needed to adhere to bulk email compliancy and best practice.

If your emailing messages fit the description of a “promotion” then you should be talking to us about our newsletter and bulk email marketing campaign service that does fulfil these requirements.

Traditional html signatures residing within your email client may cause the following problems:

  1. The images are large (weighted) and will add considerably to the overall size of the email.
  2. Different email clients render html in different ways and as such the consistency of the appearance might be affected in various ways, resulting in your emails appearing unprofessional.

Our supplier tests the html and plain text mark up on various different email clients in order to ensure that the mail being delivered has the impact that was intended when creating the template. There is no intelligent reporting & alert mechanism within html signatures whereas our supplier can give you this information at the press of a button. Central management control for all staff emails whereas html signatures is a manual process.

Yes, by using standard exclusion codes which you insert into your subject line the branding software is able to exclude:

  1. Only the banner, with the disclaimer and signature remaining
  2. The banner and signature, with the disclaimer remaining
  3. The banner, signature and disclaimer

The exclusion code will be removed from the subject line and the recipient of the email will not be aware that it has been used.

Email Branding Pricing

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Email Branding Compatibility

Email Branding works with all major platforms, achieving consistent email banners, signatures & disclaimers.
Integrate with your existing email platforms across all devices.

Windows Azure

Apple Mail

Office 365

Google Suite